*COCKTAIL service options

  • Our services provide up to 3 signature artisan cocktails crafted to your tastes & served on tap for expedited service to large parties. All of our artisanal cocktails are made with only the freshest ingredients and garnished with edible flowers & herbs, organically grown at our garden in Sonoma County.

  • A Standard open bar service can be added and includes all basic cocktails (i.e. gin & tonic, vodka soda, rum & coke, whiskey & ginger, etc.)

  • Our highly specialized premium open bar service can also be added and offers hand crafted cocktails made-to-order, using, as always, fresh squeezed citrus, seasonal fruit, fresh herbs, homemade syrups and assorted cocktail bitters. (Also includes all basic cocktails)

*BEER & WINE service is included with all cocktail service options

We can serve any bottled beers and/or up to two selections of draft beer (5 to 7.75 gallon kegs only). 


Espresso & Coffee service is available and executed by our trained baristas, using locally roasted organic fair trade coffees.

On a tight budget and still want killer cocktails?

Ask us about our bottled cocktail service! Custom pre-batched craft cocktails bottled up & ready to pour over ice, no bartender required.

* Alcohol is not included

We are completely insured with liquor & general liability coverage and are fully operational without a liquor license. This is referred to as ‘service only’ or ‘dry hire’, which means we provide everything but the alcohol. All of your alcohol can be purchased separately from a retail provider (we work closely with a few) and all it takes is a phone call or online payment with a credit card. We estimate the quantities needed and put in an order for you. Delivery is included at no extra charge.

Operating in this way means you’re never subjected to inflated alcohol prices, as well as providing you added flexibility with the option of sourcing your own alcohol (i.e. wine clubs, home brew, donations, etc.).